What makes a sport really a sport?


Photo taken by oneworldpi.com

Misty Copeland is an extremely famous ballerina in the world of ballet. She leaps into the air almost effortlessly, but little does the audience know how many hours of hard work and strength are required to successfully perform a show such as a the Nutcracker.

Cristina Himelhoch, Staff Writer

The difference between sport and hobby.

There have always been many debates over whether to consider certain activities such as golfing, ballet, marching band, and bowling sports. Of course, the activities such as football, soccer, gymnastics, track, and swimming are all considered sports. But what qualifies these activities to be seen as actual sports while other activities aren’t considered sports?

Sports that have a lot of physical contact such as hockey and football are obviously considered sports because of their levels of difficulty and intensity. I think that because of their high levels of physical contact, people assume that they are sports. But, when watching a ballerina, people see how easily and beautifully the ballerinas manipulate their bodies and therefore assume that it is a simple and easy task and will not consider it a sport. In actuality, ballerinas are extremely strong and put in hours of hard work before a show. Their sole purpose is to entertain and make something that is extremely difficult to achieve look effortless to the audience. I believe that ballet should definitely always be considered a sport because of the talent and effort that is required in order to be successful.

On the other hand, I would not consider golfing and bowling as sports. A sport is something that requires physical strength and usually makes the person sweat after a long practice. In order to be successful in a sport, a certain level of talent is required. Without any natural talent it is extremely difficult to be successful at a sport even if hours of hard work are put into the activity. Golfing may be a bit challenging, but is usually a hobby in the midst of Sunday morning activities. Golfing seems to be a very slow moving activity in which you have time to relax, contemplate your past week, and have a nice beverage or snack to accompany you. Bowling is also something that I would find hard to consider a sport. Considering the fact that families and teenagers use bowling as a social event, it is hard to consider a sport. Just like golfing, it is a very slow moving activity that gives you time to eat, drink, and socialize. Mostly all sports have their team mates constantly on their feet and leave them huffing and puffing after a difficult practice. It is definitely not the same way for bowling or golfing.

It is hard to define exactly what qualifies an activity to be a sport. I believe that the activity must involve a certain level of physical difficulty, talent, and time in order to be considered truly a sport.