Halloween throughout the years

A description of how drastically the idea and meaning of Halloween changes as we age


Photo provided by http://www.cubebreaker.com/girls-halloween-costumes/

This image perfectly shows the evolution of girl’s Halloween costumes as they mature and the purpose of Halloween changes for them.

Cristina Himelhoch, Staff Writer

Halloween has been a long lasting American tradition that basically just involves kids dressing up as popular characters and going door to door getting free candy. It has to be one of the best customs thus far, considering all the kids get to let their imagination run wild as they dress up as their favorite Disney princesses or superheroes running around eating all the candy they can shove into their mouths at once. Halloween’s sole purpose has basically been to just get free candy. It’s all about that candy. That is, until you enter high school and college when trick-or-treating suddenly becomes childish and immature. Halloween for teenagers and young adults has become a time for partying and socializing. And by the time adulthood comes around, the roles are reversed and suddenly you are the one answering the door to young innocent faces, handing out candy.

Halloween as a child was probably the best time ever in my opinion. As a kid, you had the ability to dress up in the cutest costumes and didn’t have to care at all about what you looked like because every little kid looked somewhat ridiculous in whatever getup they had planned out. When I was five years old I remember I went as Tinkerbell; with a green sparkly dress, green sparkly wings, green sparkly tights, and of course green sparkly shoes; because I was completely obsessed with the idea that fairies existed. I think what made it so exciting was all the candy. I remember getting pillowcases full of candy after circling around my neighborhood all night. And by all night, of course I mean until about 10 p.m. because that was way past my bedtime and I felt like a superstar for being able to stay up that late. And then of course, the amusement of dumping out the pillowcase and making a complete mess of my bedroom was just a part of the Halloween experience each year of my childhood. Oh and who could forget the competition to see who had the most candy and the trading game that occurred? Going to school the next day was also a blast because you could show off all the candy you received during lunch time. Kids would come to school with bags full of candy as their lunches, while I had maybe two pieces of candy because my mom didn’t want me overdosing on candy. The kid version of Halloween represented the innocent and candy filled times.

Once high school hits, it is frowned upon to go trick-or-treating so therefore, everyone goes to Halloween parties. Sadly, this is what our society has come to be. Girls dressing up in provocative costumes just to try to impress their friends and guys they like, while getting drunk at parties because it is the cool thing to do. This stage goes on through college, until the students truly become adults with jobs and soon spouses and families.

Finally, adulthood is when the passing out of candy finally comes around. Now, you are forced to actually go out and buy the candy, stay home to pass out the candy, and deal with helping your children make Halloween costumes. This is the time when you become in charge of everything. On the other hand, there are some adults that revert back to their childhood days and actually dress up in themed costumes for their whole families. Halloween changes so much throughout the years of everyone’s lives, and although what I wrote might not be 100% accurate, it seems to be the stereotypes of the three stages of our lives.