Fall in Florida?

Is it true to say that September 22 was the first day of fall in Florida?



This picture perfectly depicts the situation of fall in Florida, with no changing of the color of the leaves.

Cristina Himelhoch, Staff Writer

Florida is well known for its hot weather and beautiful beaches during the summer. All of the “snow birds” from the northern states come down during the winter to enjoy the warm weather that is a relief from the snow storms for them. Florida’s weather is exactly why it is the perfect state to live after retiring. The blue skies, warm weather, and luxurious beaches draw in a huge crowd from up north. The beach is open all year round and while other states are going through the fall season, Floridians are still wearing shorts, tank tops, and sunglasses while strolling along the beach.

Florida sounds like the perfect place to live for most people, but for those people that desperately want to feel in the fall mood, Florida has failed us. Fall is all about wearing comfy clothes, drinking pumpkin spice lattes, and lighting candles that smell like cinnamon. The leaves are supposed to alter their colors from green to orange, red, and brown. When you wake up the morning during the fall season, you should be created by a crisp breeze and a beautiful view of falling leaves and pine cones. But how exactly are we supposed to enjoy the fall season when it is still 80-90 degrees outside?

Even when the weather seems to cool down in the morning to a nice 60 degrees,  by the afternoon, temperatures have sky rocketed back up to at least 80 degrees. For high school students, this makes it very difficult to even attempt to wear sweaters. Even though it might be sweater weather in the morning and the air conditioned school allows for cold classrooms, by the time students make the long trek to the student parking lot, they will be sweating profusely. Even walking in between classes through the outdoor hallways can cause sweating to occur. It doesn’t help either that there are hundreds of students crowded together trying to get to class on time while bumping into everyone. Trying to dress up for Halloween also serves as an issue. When living in Florida, you become forced to take into consideration the weather. No one wants to have an elaborate Bigfoot costume on, only to find when stepping outside, that it is 80 degrees and they are about to have a heat stroke.

Other states make fun of Floridians when they see us breaking out our sweaters and knee high boots when it is only 70 degrees outside because for them, 70 degrees is warm weather. They say that we can’t handle the cold, but I believe it is more of a mental thing. Florida rarely gets cold, so when it does, everyone freaks out and has to wear winter clothes in order to appreciate and savor the moment of cold weather that we have been blessed with.

Florida has the reputation of being summer all year round. The true fall weather that other states experience doesn’t hit Florida until the winter season. It is almost as if Florida doesn’t even have winter, instead, we have fall. So for all of the Floridians that await the fall weather, it won’t be until December that we will truly feel cooler weather, and even then, the low will probably only be 40-50 degrees.