The most underrated holiday

One of the holidays that does not get the time and importance that it deserves is Thanksgiving.


This picture demonstrates that Christmas needs to wait for November to be over before it starts to appear into the world.

Cristina Himelhoch, Staff Writer

As the holidays are quickly approaching, most people think about how close Christmas is. It seems to be the only holiday that really matters at this point. Now that Halloween is over, everyone is freaking out over how soon Christmas is.  But what about Thanksgiving? It is the one time a year when it is excusable to eat as much as you possibly can and sit around and do nothing all day. But, there are always other holidays and events that seem to cover up and lessen the importance of Thanksgiving.

Personally, I am one of those people who absolutely cannot wait until Christmas because I love the colder weather, hot chocolate, fire places, fuzzy socks, and gift giving that occur during the month of December. But trust me; I am definitely not one to just skip straight over Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is also one of my favorite holidays, not only for the food, as most people would assume. In my family, it is one of the few times that everyone can get together and simply have a nice family dinner. Since my family’s schedule is extremely busy, it is hard to find us all at home at the same time. My parents are at work or running errands, while my brother is at soccer practice or doing homework, and I am just running around everywhere. Thanksgiving is always the perfect time to finally take a deep breath and be able to relax. The only problem is that Thanksgiving is getting pushed to the back burner.

Black Friday and Christmas have recently seemed to take precedence over Thanksgiving in the past couple of years. Black Friday shopping was always something that started the Friday after Thanksgiving. But now, stores are open for customers the night of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving doesn’t even have a full 24 hours to itself! Even before Thanksgiving, stores are advertising for Christmas. The Christmas tree section of Macy’s is already up and running and it is only the beginning of November! Along with the in-store advertisements, early advertisements on TV also begin to creep in after Halloween is over.

Thanksgiving is definitely one of the most underrated holidays because it is always skipped over so quickly. It is as though people cannot wait until Christmas, to the point where they are forgetting about Thanksgiving. It is quickly losing its importance to shopping and preparing for a holiday that is more than a month away.