Not so white Christmas in Florida

Are we really missing out?

This is the wonderful winter in Florida.

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This is the wonderful winter in Florida.

Sandy Hutchins, Staff Writer

We have all heard the song one time or another that regales of a white Christmas in which all the merriment that comes with snow is enjoyed. Bing Crosby sings of the joy of riding sleighs all day and of the tree tops glistening throughout the season. However, for many–if not all–of us in Florida this hope is for naught as the last time we saw snow here in Tampa Bay was way back in 1989 on December 23rd. This is because our average temperature for December is around a comfortable 70°, which is a far cry from the maximum 32° for snow to even have a hope of falling.

It’s not all bad; there are many great things about having no snow all year round. For one, this moderate climate is a major attraction for tourists and vacationers from the North hoping to get away from the thing we so desperately want. They come down for good reason too; everyone loves the look of snow and how it feels for the first week maybe, but after that first week it gets old. While riding a sled may still be fun, the constant salting of your driveway or maybe the constant shoveling of it gets old quick. Also snow means it’s cold, and constantly being cold and wet is not all it has cracked up to be, and once the snow gets going it seems like it just won’t stop and you soon find yourself praying for the day you can go outside without wearing five different layers and still shivering.

Just like everywhere else, the grass is always greener on the other side; those up North wish it was like it is in Florida and many of us down South wish is was snowing like it does in the North. And if you still want snow, if it won’t come to you then you should go to it.