The advantages of living off the grid

Keara Kruppa, Staff Writer

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As seen in immensely popular and now universally taught literature such as Henry David Thoreau’s novel Walden, a man can spend two years, two months, and two days in a second-growth forest near the shores of Walden Pond without causing harm to himself or being harmed. A simplified lifestyle has become an experiment to many around the world who yearn to experience a life stripped of anything materialistic and around other people. Here are some advantages that Thoreau and others have concluded from living off the grid for extensive periods of time:


1) More time. We all have experienced the ironic concept that time seems to stretch on when we are bored or dragging on with the day, and how time seems to soar past when we are having fun. Time is ultimately a man-made figment of our imagination, seeming that if none of us had a concept of time, the idea that it is being wasted would not exist. But most Americans seem to all agree that time is something they wish they had more of. Living in solitude seems to have granted that wish. We as humans waste so much time on simple things like waiting in traffic, waiting in offices for appointments, watching TV programs that have 0 impact on our lives, and so on and so forth. Living in solitude gives humans the chance to actually listen to their own thoughts, and realize the tactile objects around them.


2) Closer relationships. With the extra time attained by existing off the grid, that time is used to be spent with those close to us. If one truly thinks about it, those on their deathbeds never wish for more time spent in the office. On the contrary, they wish they had spent more time with loved ones. One must eliminate the non-essentials in life to truly experience living a simple lifestyle.


3) Lower stress and anxiety. Nowadays, an estimated 75 to 95 percent of visits to America’s “primary-care physicians are based upon complaints related to stress” (according to Life is considered a rat-race at times, and if we voluntarily remove ourselves from that race, we have less to be anxious about.


4) Enhanced creativity. As stated in reason #1, living simply can result in actually allowing ourselves to listen to our own thoughts. Surprisingly, living the simplified life can result in focusing better. The new perspective can help us to develop a long-lost talent or discover a new creative interest.


5) Financial freedom. Living simply does cost less. Transportation, heating and cooling, wardrobe, etc. can drain a person’s bank account quickly. The need for money spent on things that have to be maintained such as a second car will be eliminated.


Ultimately, living simply can eliminate many burdens in our lives, yet many joys in life can be considered ‘non-essential’. Many enjoy the luxury of having air conditioning, and leaving for work every day, as that can act as a piece of independence. But attempting the simple life for a week or two can aid in teaching others to not take things for granted, such as air conditioning or their families


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The advantages of living off the grid