Why October is the best month

Number 10 in the year but number 1 in our hearts.


The glorious symbol of October in all its glory.

Sandy Hutchins, Sports Editor

Out of all 12 months there can only be one that reigns above them all. October is that month. There are some honorable mentions, such as December for obvious reasons, July for summer vacation, and January as it is the start of the New Year. But for many reasons October takes the cake. October is the best month as it is home to the best holiday, Halloween and October also (especially for Florida) marks the change in weather from a sweltering hell to a nice breezy afternoon. Lastly, October also is the start of the holiday season; it is the first in the line of the trio of October, November, and December.

Halloween lies on the last day of the best month ever. This holiday is one of the best, if not the best, ever. Halloween is a fantastic time for all ages: little kids get to trick or treat, shifty teenagers get to trick or treat and even creepy old dudes can trick or treat because no one knows who is under the mask. Those who are normal and stop trick or treating when it’s no longer cute either go to a party in a slightly scantier costume than those the kids wear or hand out candy from a bowl all night, which may sound bad but we all know they’re skimming off the top between every kid/shifty teen/ creepy old guy. Halloween is also for everyone as those that don’t want to give out candy can now legally scare little kids for fun without being charged with “assault” and “harassment” or other “crimes.” I mean who doesn’t love a holiday when little kids go up to strangers and gleefully accept anything they hand them that even looks like candy?

Beyond Halloween, October is also a marvelous month because of the weather. By the second of October it had already picked up a nice cool breeze. In October fall is in the air, you can feel it in the cool breeze and see it in the changing colors of the leaves. Winter is too cold to do anything outside, and in summer you sweat just looking out the window, but fall (which October marks the beginning of) is a perfect happy medium.  November starts getting too chilly and September is still way too hot. October is just right, just like baby bear’s stuff in the story of Goldilocks, and anyone that says different is a liar.

Also, there are a lot of very important people born in this great month. Some of these people are Zach Galifianakis, Eminem, President Jimmy Carter, Mahatma Ghandi, Matt Damon, Zac Efron, Snoop Dogg, and of course the prestigious sports editor of the Talon. This list of names which is by no stretch of the imagination even close to being complete, demonstrates the point that greatness breeds greatness. Only October could have produced such a varied yet talented group of people.

Whether it be the weather, the people, or the holidays, Halloween is no doubt the greatest month of the year. It is the goldilocks month of our calendar that no other month can compare to. A time of festivity with the carving of pumpkins and the giving of candy–no other month can compare.