Hot dogs vs. hamburgers

Two American classics but which is better?

Two American classics but which is better?

Nik Holdsworth, Staff Writer

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There are two kinds of people in this world. People that enjoy the long skinny hotdog and the people that would rather enjoy a large round hamburger. One of the most drastic differences of these American classics is the bun. Hotdogs have a very convenient and easy to eat bun. It is pretty much a canoe with a slot to insert your meat and toppings. That’s why the hotdog is very popular amongst children; the ingredients are very simple and eating it is efficient. The ingredients are so simple in fact that they actually only should be topped with mustard. That’s right; ketchup on a hot dog isn’t actually the right way to eat it. Some hotdogs do require many ingredients like the famous Chicago dog, but you won’t see ketchup on that either, as it just doesn’t belong on a hotdog. The hamburger, on the other hand, is a little more complex and harder to eat. The hamburger bun is your regular top and bottom bun with the meat and toppings going between. It’s pretty much just a really big sandwich. Hamburgers are definitely harder to eat since a lot of the juice from the burger and many toppings can easily fall out. Hamburgers take a little more finesse and skill to eat since they can be very large and difficult to maneuver. I honestly prefer the hamburger mostly because of the taste, I enjoy the more toppings you can fit between the buns and the beef patty that are popular to use in hamburgers, hotdogs just don’t bring as much flavor in for me. I asked some friends their opinion on the urgent matter. Senior Chase Aitchison said that she enjoys hamburgers more than hotdogs because she really likes cheese and she doesn’t like cheese on a hot dog. Senior Callan Kent said that she enjoys hot dogs more because she says it takes her back to the times when she was younger and she says it makes them taste better. These two American classics will always be popular and enjoyed by many throughout America and the world.

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