Elon Musk’s SpaceX Falcon heavy rocket launch is a fake

Sandy Hutchins, Sports Editor

On a clear Tuesday morning there was tension in the air as Elon Musk’s SpaceX prepared to send up the world’s most powerful rocket, or were they preparing for the biggest hoax since the moon landing? Elon Musk and his so called “space program” has been wowing the sheeple for the last few years with their imaginary and highly deceptive “rocket launches,” as if you can escape a disk’s atmosphere when the rest of the solar system spins around it. It truly is amazing how blind people are when the truth is so easy to see because they want to believe in “science” and that we aren’t under Xenu’s control.

This year’s hoax was so fake that it shocks me that even the round-earthers could not see through it. The rocket launch that had a 50% chance of success magically went off without a hitch? Please, even I could tell they filled the stands with paid extras meant to lie about being there and it was such an obvious use of CGI. Where they did make it a good fake was the smoke trail they made with fireworks to make it seem like a rocket had gone up to the public. I applaud them on the ambitious second piece of CGI video of the two engines touching down, but seriously, did anyone actually watch it? Or is it all a feed from SpaceX controlled cameras? And lastly, the phony car in space was obviously CGI as you can’t even see any stars; it’s all just black. Overall, this was a pitiful attempt at displaying mankind’s false bravado.

While all of the people believe in their phony man child Elon Musk, we the Flat Earth Society will be here for when we prove all you wrong with our own rocket launch. From the lame flame throwers to the Boring company name Elon Musk cannot be trusted and should be closely watched for the years to come.