Essays on Essays on Essays

Egan Beauvais, Staff Writer

Who did not enjoy the weekly hour of your life spent attempting to delve deep into a poem or prose, just to be backhanded by the reality that you had no chance to understand the meaning of the literature at all? Who did not crack a smile as they began their long-drawn analysis of whatever novel they “read”? Who did not feel a rush of excitement when they saw iambic pentameter on a multiple choice? And of course, who did not love hearing that magical word that proves all of what you believed to be completely wrong?

All of these truly riveting times, tied with possibly the most-loved teacher at East Lake, proved to me that AP Literature could compete for the best class in the entire school. Of course, I will not leave out other greats, such as AP Calc with Mr. Loftus, and AP U.S. History with Mr. Kay, but for today I will focus on the class that proved to me that it is not wise to procrastinate a huge project until the day it is due.

All of the fun assignments in AP Lit such as, essays, multiple choices, book letters, fictional analyses, and some very treacherous score log checks, lead to most people getting low A’s or B’s. The class was reasonably difficult, but I would not say it compares to the difficulty of AP U.S. History. Everyday walking in to AP Lit, you prepare for the worst. Whether there is a satirical essay on the way, a rather-spicy multiple choice waiting, or a day of poetry notes, by which many students see it as a perfect time to get caught up on some sleep, you never know if it will be a difficult day or not. The teacher, Mrs. Barbs is very helpful, and will always find a way to make a joke or tell a personal story based upon whatever weird piece of literature you are reading that day.

As a whole, the class is one of the best classes at East Lake, and if rated out of ten, I believe it deserves a nine. This high score is basically only earned because of the end-of-the-year project and Mrs. Barbieri’s cookies, with all forms of satire causing it to lose one point. In the end, I would definitely recommend that everyone that can take this class, to do so, as they will undoubtedly never forget it.