Burrito Debacle


Picture provided by https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/46/Burrito_with_rice.jpg/1200px-Burrito_with_rice.jpg

Egan Beauvais, Staff Writer

The long-wondered question: who makes the best burrito? There are a clear top three but as to separate them down to a single top prospect, it takes some careful analysis. Chipotle, Tijuana Flats, and Moe’s all are fully capable of creating a masterpiece in a little flour tortilla, with each having its own special qualities. The ingredients, tortilla, and overall taste are what I am really distinguishing between the three, with price not coming into consideration. While price may seem important to some, I feel as though a good burrito is worth any price.

I must first say that this a comparison of solely burrito-making ability, and not an overall comparison of entire menus or restaurant quality. Tijuana overall has the best menu, with other great offerings such as chimichangas and flautas, but if rated solely off burritos, they rank third. While the other two restaurants especially excel at making a delicious chicken burrito, Tijuana does not fare as well. The seasoning and flavor of the chicken is not quite as mouth-watering as the other restaurants, and the fillings inside a Tijuana burrito just make the case for a very average burrito. Now, they do make a better steak burrito than a chicken one, and their incredible queso comes close to saving them, but both fall short to Moe’s and Chipotle.

Moe’s and Chipotle are close, but Moe’s falls a little short, ranking second. The most significant flaw to Moe’s is its inconsistency. I have gone in there and had quite possibly the most delicious burrito I’ve ever eaten, but I’ve also experienced a rather treacherous 25 minutes of attempting to just get the burrito down. The major perk of Moe’s is also its queso. While in my honest opinion, Tijuana’s queso is best, Moe’s is a close second, and it adds a beautiful cheesiness that all burritos need. It may be hit or miss, but overall the prospect of a near-perfect burrito allows for Moe’s to come in second.

Tijuana and Moe’s did not necessarily lose this burrito debacle, but rather Chipotle won. By far the most addicting food I’ve ever had, Chipotle burritos are stunningly good. From the delicious chicken or even steak, to the corn that adds a surprising amount of flavor, paired with of course the delicious fresh guacamole, to create what one can only call the Mona Lisa of burritos. No guac can compare to that of Chipotle’s, and it is clearly the defining factor of a perfect burrito. Unless something drastic happens, Chipotle will always be the king of burritos.