Product Review: Foot Powder

Sean Cunningham, Staff Writer


Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the thrilling commencement of yet another web story series I intend on popularizing: The in-depth analysis and critique of a common, household product! Yearning to begin this soon to be iconic series with a bang, I have decided that no other product holds a candle to everybody’s favorite (and most essential) hygienic tool. Today, we will embark on this journey together and explore the truly iconic product that is Foot Powder!

Now I can only assume that you are eagerly considering busting out one of the DOZENS of tubs of foot powder currently residing underneath your very bathroom sink, but hold your horses-that is what I am here for. I have taken the treacherous voyage to a neighborhood gas station in order to purchase a mint condition bottle of “Foot Powder” (such a gracious and creative name), solely (get it) for the purpose of this review! I immediately realized the economic juggernaut this product must be, considering the absolute bargain at which this bottle costed. A mere $1 allows your feet to be transported into an 8-ounce wonderland of powder-this thing is an absolute steal!

Upon breaking the seal of the angelic bottle, I was instantaneously immersed with an aroma of comforting bliss. The application process mirrored this description quite perfectly, as my feet were lathered in a powdery goodness. The concoction worked like a charm: the labeled proclamations “Controls Foot Odor” and “Absorbs Moisture” were absolute truths! Following application, I felt like a reincarnation of my former self. My feet felt free, like a beautiful flock of birds finally mastering the ability to fly. An existence without the powder of the gods would be quite the melancholy one, and this product is most certainly a staple in every household.