These Shoes are Off the Wall!

Olivia Mackenzie, Staff Writer

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When walking around the halls at school, many teenagers wear similar shoes, a very common pair of shoes that many are seen wearing are Vans. Vans are becoming more and more common in our generation. These shoes are slowly replacing Converse, while they are still popular, Vans are becoming increasingly popular. Vans are American made shoes and were founded in 1966. They were made in Santa Ana, California. Vans were founded by two brothers by the names of Paul and Jim Van Doren, taking a part of their names and naming their brand of shoes after it.

The main corporation that owns Vans is VF Corporation, which was founded in 1899. The first store opening only attracted about 12 customers total, which just shows how much Vans have grown from 1966 to 2018. Now people buy Vans all of the time, getting the same shoe in different colors or styles and wearing them everywhere every day. These shoes are known for their popular slogan “Off the Wall,” which refers to how skateboarders are skating and perform tricks off the side of the wall. Vans are aimed mostly for individuals involved in skateboarding, surfing, BMX, and snowboarding, but can be worn by any. There are various styles of these shoes like the slip ons, the “Old Skool” style, high tops known as “Sk8-HI”, Authentic, Era, Classics, and so many more. In school nowadays, there are mostly the slip ons in white, pink, checkered, or black and white. There are also many teenagers that have the classic styled ones in the pink, black and white, all black, yellow and white, and even different colors like purple or blue.

These shoes are a form of expression in teenagers and are accepted all over the world. Vans does not only produce shoes, but they have clothing and accessories as well. Senior Annarose Alemayehu loves Vans and says, “Vans are an authentic West Coast clothing and shoe brand that I love because I am a West Coast native.”


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These Shoes are Off the Wall!