Have you made your reservation?

What happened to the good ol’ days? A look into movie theaters’ new rule of reserved seating.


What happened to the good ol’ days? A look into movie theaters’ new rule of reserved seating.

Madison Stites, Staff Writer

If you are going somewhere such as Bern’s Steak House, we all know that you need to schedule reservations. How about when you go to the movie theater? Well, it turns out you most likely need reservations for that, too. At least this stands for all who go to the AMC theater in Oldsmar. Now, if one wants to see a movie, they need to make sure they schedule it. Though some people entirely enjoy this rule, others are in strong disagreement of the annoying process.

I myself have fallen victim to this process. My family went out to the movies, ignorant of the new rule of being able to reserve seating online. Therefore, when we went to purchase our tickets (thinking it was first come first serve- like it is meant to be) almost all the seats had already been assigned. Yet, we ignored this fact, thinking that nobody would actually follow this rule. It turns out we were complete idiots because we got kicked out of our seats twice, until we were told where we were assigned. Henceforth, the theater has now become a classroom where a teacher assigns seating, and some people actually like it.

Due to the shift in rules, it is time to consider the positive aspects of this process. Senior Maria Millen said, “Oh, I definitely like it. Now you don’t have to get to the movie theater so early just to get a good seat.” This in fact, is a legitimate point; now one only has to jump on their technology the night or so before the movie to get the seating one desires. This makes it easier the day of because your seating is reserved no matter how late to the film you arrive. The other benefit is it makes it easier for staff because most customers have already paid beforehand.

Though there are some positive aspects, the cons far outweigh the pros. When asked how he felt, parent Kris Stites replied with distaste, saying, “It’s really irritating that they just made a classic rule into an entire process, and it’s not fair to those who get there first.” For someone who grew up where it was always first come first serve, this process seems like a redundant and ludicrous process. Furthermore, it’s just another thing to worry and stress about because if you arrive to the theater to buy your tickets, chances are you will be at loss, and have wasted your time trying to get the seats you wanted. After paying about $10-12 on a ticket, which is outrageous (especially when tickets used to be only a couple of bucks), this is the last thing a customer wants to deal with. Adding on to this is that awkward and frustrating encounters come out of this new rule. People have to be yelled at to get out of others’ seats and it creates anger from the victims. Possibly the worst aspect of this rule is that there is no longer an option of spontaneously going to the movie with a group of friends. It’s now an event that has to be planned a couple days ahead. This takes away from the traditional fun that the movie theater was created for. Furthermore, it creates issues for all who used to enjoy the simplicity of going to the movies.

Victims like my family understand the frustrations behind this rule completely. Though, there are some valid pros, it seems that the process can be an irritation and difficult to deal with. It just follows the fact that technology and rules are all changing with time, and soon nothing will be as it was before.