Rolling in sushi


Egan Beauvais, Staff Writer

It is always necessary to know the best sushi places around, and if you do not already, you’re about to find out where (and where not) to go. The quality of sushi restaurants includes a few important variables, from price and deals to taste to, of course, presentation, and there are three restaurants near us that each have unique appeals based on these variables.

The front runner: Hot Tuna. With a great lunch special, very reasonable pricing, many delicious rolls, and great appearance of the food, Hot Tuna is a great sushi restaurant. The lunch special includes two rolls and soup or salad, for just $9.95, which is by far one of the most reasonable deals of anywhere. Some of the most popular rolls are the Tampa, Mexican, and of course the spicy tuna roll. It is in Oldsmar- the same plaza as Tijuana Flats- and it is probably the most popular sushi restaurant in our area. I would definitely recommend this sushi establishment to anyone who needs a delicious sushi meal.

The one with the most potential: Saki. Saki is an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant that could easily be the best around, but it is hampered by the food quality and appearance. The sushi may not always look fresh or taste good, and the restaurant itself is very sketchy. It is located on U.S. 19, so it is close to us but a little further of a drive than Hot Tuna. Now it is great being able to eat all the sushi you want for one price, but if the sushi is not as good as another place, I cannot recommend this restaurant to be your go-to sushi place.

The sleeper: Mike’s Sushi. Mike’s, which is also located on U.S. 19, is a little less known compared to the other two restaurants, but it may have the best tasting rolls. It’s a tight race with Hot Tuna, but personally my favorite roll comes from Mike’s. The Yam Yami roll (my favorite), Mexican, Tampa, and also spicy tuna rolls are some of the most popular. The rolls appear fresh, taste good and are reasonably priced (slightly more expensive than Hot Tuna). Overall this is my favorite sushi restaurant, but the common opinion is that Hot Tuna reigns supreme.

Based on the good qualities of a sushi restaurant, I would recommend either Hot Tuna, or Mike’s, and if possible, with your health in mind, I would not take a trip down to Saki anytime soon.