The Steel City is stronger than hate

A skyline that will rise above the hate. Via

A skyline that will rise above the hate. Via

Wyatt Harris, Staff Writer

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I wish I was writing another fun article about style and fashion, but this weekend something has hit me too close to home, and I am writing this article from a place of pain, anger, and disgust.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have an unrelenting and exhausting love for my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. From the sports teams to the great restaurants to the beautiful skyline and genuine people, Pittsburgh has been one of the greatest sources of pride in my short time on this Earth.

This Saturday, a malicious, evil 46-year-old man opened fire on the Tree of Life Synagogue in the Pittsburgh area, killing 11 and injuring six.

As a society and personally, I feel as if we have become numb to the horror of these mass shooting because it seems if they occur so commonly. I was always frustrated seeing another shooting in the news, but it took the shooting happening in my hometown to re-open the gash of the reality of how heartbreaking and devastating this situation is. I like to consider myself a fairly controlled person when it comes to my emotions, but I find myself choking back tears with a lump in my throat when I see the pictures of the victims and hear the stories of these people’s lives.

This is not a diatribe on the necessity of taking away all of the guns in America or an attack on any political group or institution. This is simply a plea for help from a distraught kid who cannot understand the hate that would drive someone to do this to the amazing people in my hometown.

This is a plea for every and anyone who reads this article to spread messages of love and suppress messages of hate. This is a plea for every and anyone who sees excessive and obvious hate in any form of social media to report it. This is a plea for political leaders to acknowledge that obviously no one is pro mass-shooting and death. This is a time where instead of the usual gridlock and suppression of ideas for solutions due to uncompromising polar political views, we need to embrace difficult solutions that involve all sides making compromises in order to find some sort of beneficial middle ground.

If there is one universal truth surrounding the people of Pittsburgh, it’s that they are as resilient as any community can be. The community of Pittsburgh is much stronger than any radical anti-Semites and it will bounce back and be stronger than ever before. However, lives were taken, and families’ lives were ruined as the unspeakable tragedy took place on Saturday. I can’t imagine the pain these families are experiencing right now, but I can definitively say that gun violence has reached an epidemic in America and as a society we can’t take much more of this.

If I can leave you with anything, embrace every day with positivity and embrace everyone you love and see with happiness and positivity because in this climate, life is truly not a guarantee.

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