In defense of some much-maligned candies


If you hate Kit-Kats, you likely also hate innocent puppies and kittens.

Egan Beauvais, Staff Writer

Recently, I have come across the true feelings toward candy corn and many other candies which I have always found to be enjoyable. Countless people have emphatically described to me their utter hatred of candy corn and other candies, leaving me wondering what is so bad about these candies? From candy corn to Starbursts to even Kit Kats, all are coming under attack by the pickiest of candy choosers, and I feel as though it is necessary to defend these delicious snacks.

I will be the first to tell anyone that candy corn is not my favorite, nor is it one of the best candies, but to say that candy corn is bad, is simply an exaggeration. While they only come in one flavor, they actually do taste pretty good, and are especially good to eat around Halloween. I could understand someone getting sick of candy corn if they eat it all year round because the candy is very sweet and rich, but if only eaten around October, it is very good. They get a bad rap because of their rather unique look and taste, but overall they should at least considered a decent candy.

Now for Starbursts and Kit Kats, I was shocked to hear someone put these candies down, and I hope everyone reading this is just as shocked. Starbursts are not my favorite, but they are still very good and almost everyone I’ve ever met enjoys them. They have a large variety of flavors, ranging from piña colada to cherry, some of which are not that good (the yellow ones), but most are delicious. As for Kit Kats, I would easily put them in my top 5 list of candies, and they need to be appreciated more. A coworker of mine felt the need to express his dislike of Kit Kats, which immediately got a reaction out of almost everyone around him, especially me. All chocolate candies are great, and Kit Kats are easily one of the best, so for him to specifically dislike them, it was shocking to me.

All three of these candies are under appreciated and I feel as though they need to be respected as the delicious snacks they are.