The slept-on holiday

The table is set for the best holiday.

The table is set for the best holiday.

Annarose Alemayehu, News Editor

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Halloween is a fun holiday where people have an excuse to dress up as anything they want and it is socially acceptable because it’s Halloween. Then there is Christmas, probably the greatest holiday of all time. As the years go on and we get older, this holiday becomes less significant and we tend to focus on the best holiday of the year, Thanksgiving.

Growing up, children always think that Christmas and Halloween are the best holidays because they are getting loads of candy and more toys than they can dream of. As I get older I come to the realization that Thanksgiving is truly the greatest holiday we celebrate to date. Holidays like Halloween and Christmas have lost their true meaning and over a great amount of time have been commercialized by different candy brands and companies to just make another dollar. I love Christmas more than anyone I know, but over time I can tell that the younger generation of children and many people my own age are truly forgetting the true meaning of Christmas where we are supposed to take this time to be with our loved ones: it’s not about the presents and the cookies but the time we are spending to make beautiful memories with our families.  Halloween has also lost its traditional meaning, as it is the one day of the year where the spirits of the dead are supposed to come back. Now it has turned into a less morbid holiday and something for children to enjoy while they get free candy from strangers.

Thanksgiving is truly the best holiday because even though many people push this holiday aside everyone comes together with their family and friends to eat amazing turkey, stuffing, corn, green beans, and much more. Aside from the main meal, there are plenty of desserts multiple different pies, baking with your family and after eating all of the food, you get to enjoy watching football while you let your meal set in.

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