When is it too early for Christmas?

Go ahead and put up that Christmas tree even if the Thanksgiving meal hasn't yet been planned.

Go ahead and put up that Christmas tree even if the Thanksgiving meal hasn't yet been planned.

Emily Rollins, Staff Writer

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October is over; it is Christmas season, boys! November 1st: this is usually the day most Americans choose to pack away their Halloween decorations and take out their dusty boxes of Christmas gear. Many people even skip Thanksgiving and fall decorations, going straight to the mistletoes and Christmas trees. But is it really time already?


It can easily be debated that the average American should not directly go from Halloween to Christmas, but instead should decorate their house with fall leaves and harvest decor for the Thanksgiving season. Gravy, mashed potatoes, turkey, and cranberry are an important part of the holidays, and skipping ahead to Christmas may be a bit of a rush. However, as most people debate that Christmas is one of the best holidays to celebrate, it may be reasonable enough for most people to skip ahead to Christmas and take advantage of every possible second that could be spend with this season.


Of course, every family has their own set of Christmas traditions and values, and most of these also are somewhat related to the culture they come from. In Europe for instance, most people celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December, while most Americans choose to open their gifts in the early hours of December 25th. Many Hispanic families choose the midnight hours for their present openings. Furthermore, some families may choose to celebrate advent, others may spend their evenings baking Christmas cookies, having Secret Santa, setting out milk and cookies, hanging up stockings, celebrating Black Peter or St. Nicolas, and making hot chocolate.


Basically, every family has their own set of Christmas traditions, and it can never be too early to begin celebrating the most wonderful time of the year. Of course, this is all biased, but for those who enjoy Christmas, they should be more than able to hang up their Christmas lights and reindeer decorations as soon as their pumpkins and spiderwebs are put back into the attic.

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