Procrastination, a key to success


Egan Beauvais, Staff Writer

While most people feel as though procrastination is a terrible habit, I take a much different stance. I feel as though it brings the balance that everyone needs in their lives and also trains people to deal with stress. High school can be a stressful place, and so can many jobs, yet most people are not even prepared for it in the slightest. Procrastination has a negative connotation, but I feel as though it needs to be looked at through a much more positive outlook.

As for high schoolers, I believe procrastination can be best represented as a spectrum. There are the far-ends of the spectrum; students that do their work before they even get the assignment, and also students that simply don’t do the work. Any procrastination would be represented in the middle. Neither of the extremes will be good for the person because if you simply do not do the work, well, your grades are not going to be good, and if you do the work so early, leaving you with little to no stress, how is that person going to be able to handle stress in the future? What is going to happen when they forget that assignment one time and have to hurry and do it the period before it is due? Stress seems bad; procrastination seems bad, but procrastination can actual better prepare us for the stresses that cannot be avoided.

I have expressed my opinions about the actual benefits of procrastination before, and have of course been met with countless eye rolls, but I still believe that it not only helps train and prepare people for stress, but it also provides a balance to one’s life. Many people spend so much time trying to get ahead that they forget that there are things besides school and jobs. If you procrastinate any assignment, then that means that you were doing something you would rather do instead, such as hanging out with friends, talking to someone you are interested in, playing a sport, or whatever you find to be enjoyable. This is a time of being stress-free, that will be followed by a time of being stress-filled, but would you rather just be a little stressed the entire time? For me, I’ll stick to procrastinating.

Lastly, I have one last analogy to make. Think about stress as a subject in school. How do you best prepare for the big exams at the end of the year? In most classes you take large tests every so often, as a way to measure what you have learned. You do not take small quizzes every day. So, if stress is a subject, and you are trying to best prepare yourself for future success, then you do so through procrastination. Instead of having a little bit of stress over a long period of time, like those small quizzes every day, you have a one small period of a lot of stress, like a big test at the end of a unit. I am not saying this is a perfect analogy, and there are presumably other factors, but in no way can anyone consider procrastination all bad. At the end of the day, I know procrastination can lead to one being lazy and unmotivated, which is one of the main reasons people are so against it, but if done right, I feel like it can actually be a very healthy strategy for preparing one for the stresses that will occur in life.