Rudolph under attack

The film of the most famous reindeer of all is under attack for its promotion of bullying and bigotry.


The reindeer that is under fire.

Madison Stites, Staff Writer

You most likely have heard of the most famous reindeer of all, however have you heard of the crime he committed? Everyone knows the film Rudolph (1964) and for the most part everyone loves Rudolph, or at least they did. As of now, the holiday season of 2018, Rudolph is under arrest. Yet, what heinous crime has the movie committed? Accusations and claims say that the cinematic masterpiece has promoted bigotry and bullying. Yet, when one thinks back to this childhood story, it is hard to find any truth to this statement. What is the true reason behind this claim?

For the most part it isn’t hard to spot the pattern of the society’s views. Rudolph is just one of the many subjects that has fallen victim. The story is now claimed to carry bullying and bigotry as some of its major themes, particularly when his coach ends up egging on the others to not play with Rudolph. Adding on to the “issues” with the film, Rudolph’s father is said to be verbally abusive. These claims fail to realize the message of the entire movie: That the fact that Rudolph has a red, shiny nose and that he is different from the rest, makes him special in a valuable way. This lesson even applies to situations in the real world. Famous model Cindy Crawford is just one example of a similar situation as the famous reindeer. Her distinguished mole prevented her from getting numerable jobs because agents said it was unattractive. Yet, in the end it’s her mole that got her the famous career she has today. This is similar to Rudolph, whose shiny nose got him the lead role amongst Santa’s reindeer and his own movie. Society is choosing to find an issue with the film.

It’s important to realize one can find fault and offense in anything if they truly wish to do so. However, many things that people find offensive, aren’t meant to be so. Take things with a grain of salt because Rudolph is simply a story of a reindeer who is unique and shows that being different is gift, even when others can’t see it.