Don Taco: the authentic taco

The Mexican style steak and pork tacos topped with their spicy guacamole and salsa.

The Mexican style steak and pork tacos topped with their spicy guacamole and salsa.

Gitana Garcia, Entertainment and Editorials Editor

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This tiny place located off Tarpon Avenue may not look like much, but it is packed with lots of flavor. It is tucked in the corner of a small parking lot, about the size of a classroom. Its walls are covered in bright colors of orange and yellow and traditional Mexican decor. The inside looks like a mini Mexico; everything about it feels authentic. The family that runs the restaurant are very friendly and make you feel welcomed. This restaurant represents authentic, home-cooked Mexican tacos and is a diamond in the rough.


The menu includes a variety of 20 different taco flavors offered in a Mexican style, with onions, cilantro and lime, or in a American style, with lettuce, pico de gallo, and cheese. Flavors range from standard to supreme. Standard flavors include the staples of chicken, carnitas (pork), and chorizo to more interesting ones like the avocado. Each standard taco costs $2.79. The supreme flavors have more of a range, from steak to pineapple pork to barbacoa. Each supreme taco costs $3.25. They even have a vegetarian option consisting of grilled zucchini, bell peppers, mushrooms, and onions. I had tried the pineapple pork and avocado tacos, which tasted so fresh and full of flavor. The pork was sauteed in pineapples, adding a subtle zest to the taco. It also had onions, cilantro and lime (Mexican style). The avocado had no meat; rather avocado slices were the base of the taco with some lime. To add a little spice to my taco, I added their salsa from their sauce bar. They have options of mild to really hot salsa to spicy guacamole. Adding the sauces to the tacos are definitely recommended if you like your food to have a little kick. I also tried the spicy guacamole, which was just the right amount of spicy without overpowering the tacos and more of a smooth consistency rather than the usual chunky guacamole taste.


Taco sizes are kinda small, about the size of a pair of glasses; however, the amount of flavors and ingredients really fill up the taco. What makes this place unique is the handmade corn tortillas used for the tacos and chips. Their chips ($3.00) are served fresh and taste nice and crisp. This place is the definition of authentic, as close to Mexico as one can get without taking a seven-day cruise. It is perfect for grabbing a bite to eat and hammocking with your friends in Howard Park (which is conveniently right around the corner).

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