Why Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is a really good movie

Marley Burwell, Features Editor

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Animated children’s movies are seen as fun, silly and not really impactful because they are made for, well, little kids. A lot of these types of movies are very light and funny. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is all of that, but also a lot more. There are parts of it that are so socially and culturally relevant it is not likely to be picked up when one is a small kid. This movie speaks on important topics without making it sad or depressing.

One important thing this movie discusses is bullying and making fun of people. The main character, Flint Lockwood, was made fun of as a child for his wacky inventions. No one in his town really liked or respected him- even as he grew into an adult. Flint knew that the people in the town were not kind to him and did not like him. This made him very sad and he felt alone. However, when he made a machine that benefitted the town, everyone suddenly loved him. The same people who were mean to him now wanted to benefit off him. Flint had never felt that kind of acceptance before, so he started to overload his food machine invention to make the townspeople still like him even though he knew it was dangerous. That doesn’t seem fair or right, but that is an extremely realistic thing, save for the machine that makes food rain from the sky. When people succeed, others want to leech off them and roll in their success. This movie takes a good look into the topic.

Another topic touched on is about women. Sam, the weather girl reporting on the raining foods, had been teased all her life about her ponytail and glasses. To do what she wanted to do, which was be on T.V., she had to ditch those things and change herself to become “pretty.” This sort of thing for sure happens in real life. We all see celebrities who look nothing like they did when they were younger. For instance, if you look at a picture of Kim Kardashian when she was a teenager, she doesn’t look the same now at all. Women are expected to look like models. In Hollywood, young women are almost always cast in roles, even with older men. It makes no sense, but youth and beauty are revered in society. Sam had to change herself to be physically desirable for some people. This is wrong, and Flint helped her realize that she was okay before she decided to ditch glasses and a ponytail. This topic is extremely relevant, especially in today’s society in which women are pressured to look and act a certain way.

A lot of people have the mentality that immigrants are less educated, but this movie shows the reality that some immigrants face. Manny, the cameraman for Sam, is an immigrant. At one point in the movie, he says that he was a doctor back in his country and he came to the U.S. for a better life. Watching the movie, you would have never expected something like this to be in it. This is the case of a lot of immigrants. They have amazing professions in their countries, but when they come to the U.S., the type of jobs they can do isn’t what they can get. A lot of immigrants are extremely intelligent, but people don’t take the time to understand that. This movie helps to show that.

One would never expect this movie to be so relevant. However, it touches on very powerful topics. At first glance, it is just a fun movie for kids, but it actually has a lot of things in it that make is very impactful. When you realize the deeper meaning of the lessons and topics discussed in the movie, you kind of just sit there and think “woah.” This movie is one to watch, regardless of age.

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