Best ice in town

The famous ice from Tijuana Flats

The famous ice from Tijuana Flats

Marley Burwell, Features Editor

As an American, I can say we put ice in a lot of different drinks. It goes in water, lemonade, soda, and tea (but not milk or orange juice). Since ice has a strong presence in our lives, it is, therefore, extremely important. However, not all ice is the same. Yes, it is all just frozen water, but the quality varies depending on where it is from.

At McDonald’s, the ice comes in big, hard cubes. It is extremely basic. There is nothing special about it. It goes in the cup, keeps you drink cold for a while, and gives no excitement. This is the same at Wendy’s. The ice is not satisfying. You cannot chew on it because it is too big and too hard. As someone who enjoys chewing on ice, these two places serve up nothing but disappointment in their drinks. A proper rating would be a 4/10.

A place with much better ice than McDonald’s or Wendy’s is Chick-fil-A. Chick-fil-A doesn’t necessarily save the planet with their styrofoam cups, but at least the ice is pretty quality. It is not cube shaped, but rather more cylindrical. It takes on a softer quality to it, which is perfect for chewing. Not only does your drink stay cold, your mouth is happy with this soft ice. This ice would get an 8/10.

In my opinion, Tijuana Flats has the best ice. It’s rather small and fun to chew. It is a softer type of ice, like at Chick-fil-A. However, this kind of ice is sort of “grated” ice. It is not completely like shaved ice, but it’s not whole ice cubes either. It is a weird hybrid that somehow makes sense. It is perfect. If you hate TIjuana Flats ice, then you are not human. It is easily chewable, keeps drinks cold and an as an added bonus, it is fun to look at. This ice garners a 10/10.

Varying styles of ice change the perception of a place. For example, Chick-fil-A has a very sophisticated style of ice. McDonald’s does not. This makes sense considering Chick-fil-A is a classier fast food restaurant. All of the ice mentioned is pretty much the same throughout all of the locations. Even if you don’t know it or realize it, everyone has an ice preference. There are lots of options, but very few good places with amazing ice.