Meme Review January 2019: Shaggy


Here we see the omnipotent god-slayer himself, engulfed in a cloak of fiery energy.

Sean Cunningham, Staff Writer

Ah, 2019. What promise the future holds! 2018 was a momentous year for the meme, and so far, our new year has yet to disappoint. The infamous “January meme” title of 2019 goes to our favorite god-slaying, Scooby-snack eating king, Shaggy.

That’s right. No need for a long, drawn out introduction, because Shaggy is here, and we must all revere his ultimate strength. Although the AirPods continue to make strides as a respectable January meme, I couldn’t help but give the nod to Shaggy himself. For anyone unaware of the latest meme of the month and his origins, Shaggy has always been known as a powerful man. However, just recently the production team of Scooby-Doo (the 2002 hit movie) released a slew of behind-the-scenes interviews, and through these interviews the true dominance of Shaggy was understood. Shaggy was seen by his co-stars completing divine tasks such as “Killing God” and “summoning the demon sprite of Scooby-Doo” while apparently using a measly 0.01% of his true power! Feats such as these deserve +400 meme points due to their pure impressiveness alone. Shaggy also is not afraid to boast about his seemingly infinite power, which garners him another +200 meme points for confidence. I am obliged to award Shaggy yet another +200 meme points, for if I didn’t he would have vaporized me along with this article (while using only 0.01% of his power mind you.)

Finishing with a total of 800 meme points, Shaggy is starting the year off strong as a force to be reckoned with. His unlimited strength will be harnessed by the meme community in order to cultivate yet another successful year of memes, acting as a true beacon of energy and inspiration for memes to come.