Why Alpacas are great

What makes Alpacas the best animal species.

Alpacas look like the hippies of the animal world
Photo provided by thethings.com

Alpacas look like the hippies of the animal world Photo provided by thethings.com

Mario Shontz, Staff Writer

Alpacas are a great species of animal. From the continent of South America, they are really fun animals and act a lot like dogs at times. Here are some reasons why they’re so cool:

  1. They have really cool fur

Alpacas have really fluffy fur and with it grown out they look essentially like marshmallows with necks. Much of the fur industry recognizes this, and Alpaca fur is some of the most expensive kinds of fabric because of its qualities. I’ve never gotten to meet an alpaca, but I have seen what their fur looks like, and I think that everyone should get the chance to hug one.

  1. They’re friendly

Llamas, which are very similar to Alpacas, are a bit bigger, and are apparently much less friendly.  Plus, they like to spit at you too.  So, for those of you thinking that llamas are cool too and that they might be better than alpacas, you are quite wrong. That is unless you like animals who aren’t cuddly and are antisocial.

  1. They can be pets!

While maybe not so much a household pet for most people, there are many people with alpaca farms, and they have been successfully trained for living inside a house. It’s like having a dog but even better!

  1. They’re quiet!

Alpacas are known to be quiet animals, and usually make a humming noise when content or experiencing various emotions. This I’m sure is pretty cute, just like how a cat’s purring is when you pet them.

  1. They can ride in a car and are good for all temperatures.

Since they are relatively small, alpacas are perfectly capable of fitting in a car, and can be transported easily.  I have even seen a video of someone riding their scooter with a baby alpaca. And no matter where you live it is likely that an alpaca could be fine in any temperature.

All in all, alpacas are some really neat animals. Maybe having an alpaca as a pet will become the next big trend if people start realizing how cool they are!