Florida State Fair


This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-ND

Lauren Hancock, Staff Writer

The annual Florida State Fair was at the Tampa fairgrounds from February 7th through February 18th. This gigantic fair is home to tons of rides, the greasiest food you could imagine, and plenty of other crazy attractions. Many students from Pinellas County head to the state fair on the last day for the free student ticket day.

The key to the best day at the fair is purchasing the wristband. The $35 wristband grants you unlimited access to all the fair rides, and there are plenty. One of the most iconic fair rides is the Ferris wheel. The four Ferris wheels provide a fabulous view of the entire fairgrounds. The best time to ride is at sunset or in the night because the lights look very cool. Senior Jasmine Kellogg said that “the Ferris wheel at night was the best because the whole fair was lit up like a lightbulb.” The rest of the state fair rides are a mix of super spinny, dizzying rides. Almost all the rides went upside down at least once and were quite sketchy, considering they were assembled and taken apart in the time span of two weeks. Senior Sara Mount said, “The fair was fun until the girl next to me on the ride threw up.”

The best part of the Florida state fair for many people is the food. The Florida state fair is notorious for their selection of deep-fried foods, including candy, Oreos, and funnel cake. The deep-fried Oreos are like eating straight diabetes, but they are the best Oreos ever made. The fair also has lots of cold treats such as ice cream and sno cones. Cotton candy and popcorn scatter the fair and other basic fair foods are available for purchase.

The fair is either loved or hated but it is iconic and a time to be had.