Backpacks and lockers in school

Which system of school supply storage is optimal?

Which system of school supply storage is optimal?

Savannah Henslee, Staff Writer

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Some students have the option of using backpacks, lockers, or both. Others, though, are not given an option and either do not have lockers or are not allowed backpacks to use in school. Is one truly better than the other or is it dependent on the student, school and/or situation being considered?

If students only use backpack, whether it is the choice they make or their only option, they do have some benefits with it. For example, they are less likely to not have the things they need in a class because they will not have to worry about forgetting to grab something out of their locker that they might need.  “Students often misplace something in a different folder or leave something behind in their locker,” Peyton James said. Also, sometimes students may not know everything they will need each day or things that could make tasks easier and more efficient and a backpack allows you to keep it all close so it can be easily accessed if it needs to be. For example, if a student is in science class and they are doing a project of some kind it may require or be useful to have materials other than whatever is normally used in class.

Some schools only allow the use of backpacks and do not provide lockers and while for some students this may work, there are many who rely on the use of lockers to make the day easier and less painful for them. Lockers are not a necessity to all students but should be available to all students in all schools and grades. Students should be given the option to be able to use lockers. They can be extremely helpful to any student, but especially to the students whose schedules include one or more class that requires many materials each. Lockers can hold unneeded books and materials until they are needed to make room for other items that may be necessary sooner and are going to be used at the time. Lunch boxes and other things such as snacks and waters can be stored in the lockers for whenever they are needed. Another great thing about lockers is that you can put spare clothes, snacks, first aid kit, or other items in there all the time in case they are needed throughout the day, week, month, or even school year.

There are other schools, unlike those that do not allow lockers, that have banned the use of backpacks. In some cases, it is based on the type of backpack and only certain ones can be used. For example, Carwise Middle School allows you to take a full size backpack to school but it must go in your locker during class and only a small drawstring bag is allowed to be carried from class to class throughout the day. “The drawstring bags hurt more than regular bags because the straps on them are thinner and dig in to the skin worse than regular backpacks do,” said Kayleigh Lane, 6th grader at Carwise. Other schools require that if you have a backpack it must be translucent so it can be seen through to see the contents of the bag. Some schools claim it is a safety thing while others say it is about the space and keeping the classrooms and hallways less crowded. The reasoning differs between schools. Without backpack students would have a hard time carrying and transporting their school materials to and from school.

So, while there are some students who thrive just using their backpacks and leaving their lockers empty and unused, the option should always be available to any student who wishes to use it. Backpacks should not be banned or restricted because it can make it harder for the students to have the things they need when they need them. Neither backpacks nor lockers are better. It really truly depends on the person and the situation as to which one would be considered ‘better’.

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