Is Prom really worth it?

Is the event that many people consider to be an essential of the “high school experience” worthy of the importance people give it?

A cutesy promposal doesn't guarantee the perfect prom.

A cutesy promposal doesn’t guarantee the perfect prom.

Skyler DiLoreto, Staff Writer

Every year high school students spend an enormous amount of money on prom; in 2015 American families spent an average of $919 according to Visa Inc.’s annual prom survey. Is this one night alone really worth that amount of money? At first glance that number may seem over the top; however, the money spent on a ticket, transportation, beauty products and a dress or tux along with other things can quickly add up.

Prom is viewed by most people as something that is essential to the high school experience. Dressing excessively and spending the night with your friends and significant other can, on paper, sound nice; however, the amount of pressure and stress put on the event can quickly change that. Additionally, the actual experience of prom tends to be incredibly underwhelming. Spending hours getting ready for the massively hyped event only to walk into a dimly lit banquet hall with some bland decorations and crusty food can leave you wondering what the money spent on your $65 ticket was for.

Not only does prom tend to be financially stressful, but it can also lead to an excessive amount of emotional stress. Many people panic about ensuring their prom is the perfect experience. Two years ago when I was doing my friend’s makeup for prom, her mom started doing her hair. After I finished her makeup, she started working on her own hair and after being unable to make it look the way she wanted, she broke down emotionally and almost refused to go to prom. Additionally, many people find it stressful making plans to go with their friends or finding a date. Last year a friend of mine had her entire group cancel on her after they had all found dates, causing her to scramble to find a different group of people to go to the dance with.

As someone who isn’t planning on attending this year’s prom because of my disappointing experience last year, I decided to ask some fellow students who had also attended last year’s prom to find their opinions on the subject. While most seemed to agree that last year’s prom had not been fun, they had mixed responses when asked if they were planning on attending this year’s Prom. Senior Connor Wells said that “last year’s prom sucked.”  However, he does still plan on attending this year’s prom. Senior Wyatt Harris when asked if he thinks prom is “worth it” is quoted saying “honestly no, just spending a lot of money for pictures you don’t care about for an over expensive dance you won’t have fun at” and does not plan on attending this year.