Prom Friday

Administration expects students to be in school all day on Prom day.

Administration expects students to be in school all day on Prom day.

Olivia Mackenzie, Staff Writer

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This upcoming prom is scheduled to be on a Friday, which has come to a surprise to many. For many girls, prom requires hours for the preparation and countless tedious things that girls go through just for a night of dancing. With prom on a Friday, the process of preparation will be rushed to the extreme. Doing hair, make up, and accessories, which will usually take around 2-3 hours, will be pushed back until after school.

When asked about prom, girls and boys have differing opinions. Senior Sarah Klug said that “Prom on a Friday is different than what it has usually been.” When two boys were asked about prom, senior Egan Beauvais said, “Lots of people probably won’t be attending school that day,” and senior Connor Geer said, “For guys, it’s not as big of a deal.” Both boys and girls are not used to this change of days for prom, but girls are more concerned over it.

Prom for seniors is going to be a night to remember with your date and your friends. So many of the seniors are excited for their last prom, planning dresses and dates makes it all more exciting. Many want to make their dresses ones to stand out, with different styles and colors. For hair, many will choose an updo with pretty earrings or leave it down and curl it.

Prom on a Friday seems different than the other years of prom. It leaves us wondering why they would choose a Friday for prom this year, and what to expect. Many like prom on Saturday because it gives the whole day to relax and get ready, going through the many processes that girls go through. With showering, face routines, nails, hair, make up, and so much more, Friday will be a crunch time to get ready. Hair and nail appointments will be crammed into a few short hours.

The positives about having prom on a Friday include having two days left over the weekend. Saturday won’t be spent getting ready or stressing; it can be spent with friends, and that leaves Sunday free as well. Friends can go to the beach, hang out, or do anything because they will not have to stress about prom that Saturday night. Many will push back homework and assignments the weekend of the dance, so having it on Friday leaves Saturday and Sunday open to relax after the dance and catch up on assignments.

Overall, whether prom is on a Friday or a Saturday this year, it is still one of the most exciting times of our lives with our best friends and our dates. Both nights ensure a great prom, regardless of the day that it is on. Whether you are going with a date, a group of friends, or by yourself, prom still is a night to remember. Fun promposals make the night even more exciting to look forward to. Either night will still hold an amazing dance filled with pictures, good food, great music, and lots of laughs shared with friends and dates,

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