Product Review: Rubik’s Cube

Sean Cunningham, Staff Writer

Throughout this classic web-story series, I have reviewed many products useful for daily life and activities. However, today’s product review will touch on a peculiar leisure item that is infamous for its seemingly impossible challenge: the Rubik’s Cube.

This multicolored puzzle reigns supreme among the mini-puzzle market, both historically and currently. Invented in 1974, from the late 1970s on it has been a staple in the puzzle market, selling over 350 million units up to this point. I may be a bit biased within this review, due to my great interest in the art of “Cubing,” or solving, not only the classic 3X3 cubes but many variations on the puzzle. Since the dawn of the social media and internet age, a massive culture has developed around this puzzle, spawning a community in which friendly competitions and online influencers provide positivity and connection among the world’s most skilled solvers. Although the Rubik’s Cube has millions of possible permutations, utilizing specific patterns and algorithms has allowed some of the world’s most skilled Cubers to solve this puzzle within seconds (including yours truly, with a best solve time of 36 seconds!) The puzzle itself consists of 17 pieces, each being put together to create a 6-sided structure that contains 3 rows of 3 moving pieces per side. Sides can be rotated from the front, back, left, or right in order to re-arrange the locations of certain pieces, and subsequent colors on each piece. Each cube contains a center body which acts as a skeleton and cannot be moved, along with 8 edge pieces (with 2 colors a piece) and 8 corner pieces each containing 3 colors). The puzzle itself can be used either to aimlessly mess around with or precisely solve, and either way brings a consuming challenge that is sure to satisfy the worst cases of boredom.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Rubik’s cube to anyone in the market for a time-killing product that combines pattern recognition with fun! Be warned though, it can be very easy to become invested in the cubing lifestyle and instantly become the life of every get together due to your color-coordinating skills!