An ode to Journalism Six Honors

Are you a Sean Penn or a Walter Duranty?

Wyatt Harris, Staff Writer

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When I first got my course selection sheets in my junior year, there was one thing on my mind: how can I take an easy class and still get at least honors credit? I had already taken AP Psychology and there is not really another AP course that is known for being particularly easy. I was at a loss for hours until I called up my good friend and brother Griffin Harris, who recommended I take newspaper with Mrs. Barbieri.


Without trying to sound biased, Mrs. Barbieri is a certified legend at East Lake High School. Her profound literary knowledge, subtle sarcasm, and tremendous dedication to her job makes her one of the personal best teachers I have had and will ever have. I pounced on the opportunity to become a writer for The Talon and by the first day of school I was thrilled to find out if I was a regular Ben Shapiro (editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire).


For those of you thinking about taking the class next year, there are definite drawbacks and pros to consider. This year due to budget complications, the Journalism One freshmen had to be in the same classroom as us, and as that is a more structured class there were often clashes between the noise of the newspaper crowd and the teachings of Mrs. Barbieri. Please give Mrs. Barbs a break next year, prospective writers, as this class is really a gift and is one of the few newspapers run by a school in Pinellas County.


Other than that one hiccup, the class is really an opportunity for the user to be productive as they like. Mrs. Barbieri will give you plenty of stories that you have to write, but they are short and can be about practically anything the mind can imagine. You also have all class to do whatever you want. This year’s staff had a ton of great colleagues so often times work took a back seat to interesting conversations, but often times it was common to see people feverishly working on any subject on the row of computers available to us.


This class is probably the class with the most open-endedness in all of East Lake High School. Any writing skills you thought you might have could be thrown out of the window when you write a lackluster web story, but you also might write a darn near perfect editorial about how Supreme culture is being ruined. As I look back on the year, I have many regrets but not a single one is related to newspaper. The class is perfectly designed for seniors; just make sure to bring in money for advertisements, or you might not make enough issues. It truly has been a pleasure being a staff writer of The Talon and I hope next year’s crew has just as much fun.