Sugar Daddy Survival Guide: the compilation

This is it. The longing moment that nobody wanted to see. The FINAL Sugar Daddy Survival Guide. We will recap the tips and tricks we learned throughout the 2018-2019 Year!

Another day in paradise! This could be you will bags of money, free travel, and free food always if you follow New York Times Best Seller The Sugar Daddy Survival Guide!

Another day in paradise! This could be you will bags of money, free travel, and free food always if you follow New York Times Best Seller The Sugar Daddy Survival Guide!

Daniel Cusimano, Staff Writer

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Hello, fellow poor people reading this trying to make easy money. I will be giving the briefing of our survival guide and new and fun information about my sugar daddies and how their life is going. Let’s start off with food. Now this sugar daddy used to do a copious number of drugs back in his time. After meeting me he soon learned that I was not having it and dealing with that and he is a soberer version of himself. Don’t you just love charity work? My major tip and trick for this one was to keep him on a loose leash. The reason for this was because I wasn’t really that fond of him, but I needed that free Chick-fil-A. I would hang out with him once or twice during the month whether that was getting food with him, going to shoot pool, or bowling. I was lucky to not have a clingy sugar daddy. When dealing with the food industry of daddies, make most of your handouts at food places so you do more eating than talking. They will always pay and if you seem somewhat engaged you have them hooked.

Ah my travel sugar daddy. I met this one this past summer on a cruise and boy was it iconic. With this sugar daddy I can go out of the country for free with him due to the fact his dad has close ties with the airlines. I did have the opportunity to see him in Vegas with him flying me there, but Daniel Cusimano runs on a tight schedule and I wasn’t able to fit him in. Now how I deal with him is simple. Since he lives in Las Vegas, I am fortunate enough to not have to force a face-to-face relationship. He is honestly one of the sweetest people I know, and I feel a bit bad using him for money but hey, money talks. We talk over text and snapchat often and that is good enough for him to keep offering me free trips. Honestly most of these sugar daddies just want attention from people they like. For me and my career of doing Musical Theatre I was raised and trained to act, and this is nothing short of that.

We hit our last sugar daddy, the money sugar daddy. This one hits close to home because he is the OG Sugar Daddy. I recently saw him, and we decided to go bowling (I am a part of a bowling league, fun fact) and obviously I crushed him. He needs to know he might have a stellar bank account, but I have stellar bowling skills. Obviously, he paid, and we chatted and caught up since he used to live in New York. Now this was my hardest sugar daddy to deal with because we started off as friends, then best friends, then he became my sugar daddy. I saw him very frequently, which wasn’t a problem, but with him being around a lot, came a lot of emotional baggage. There were times where I had to separate business and friendship. At the end of the day you need to know that these sugar daddies have feelings and problems too. Especially with ones you see you must be very present on social media. Show them you’re living the life and then they will want to hang out with you. Don’t come across as a sad, emo teenage. It isn’t a good color on anybody. This sugar daddy was popular and needed someone who good boost his standing in society so obviously he was attracted to me. I mean come on I’m Daniel Cusimano; everyone and anything knows me. For emotional sugar daddies, treat them like a real person and you will be in it for the long haul.

In conclusion, having a sugar daddy at our age is like having a best friend that spoils you 24/7. Keeping them is the name of the game. Pretend like you’re going fishing and you catch a great big sailfish. You can’t loosen up on that line or they can easily get away. This is like a job because you need to work for the payoff. If I didn’t give these sugar daddies attention, I would be as successful as I have been. I have received free flights, free food, and free money. Everybody never-and I mean never-give up on your dreams. I was born to be a part of high society so why stop and wait when I could be there now? There is a reason that my senior quote is “God didn’t put me on this Earth to work!” -Daniel Cusimano Your sugar daddy or sugar momma is out there, you just must look in the right places and feed them the right bait and you will have them hook, line, and sinker! If you ever need to contact me for help on finding your sugar daddy, just contact me on any social media platform down below! Before I sign off always remember the Sugar Daddy saying, “Money over morals, money over morals.” – Daniel Cusimano Daniel Cusimano from East Lake High School Talon, Goodnight!

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