Product review: shoes


The shoe has revolutionized walking.

Sean Cunningham, Features Editor

As the school year rolls back around, I have been stockpiling unique ideas for my Iconic product review series, and I am happy to announce that this year will continue the epic quest to review and recommend some of mankind’s greatest products.

Today’s review will cover the true staple of both clothing and lifestyle, the shoe. Although shoes can come in a myriad of styles and fulfill many uses, the overarching objective is the same: to cover, protect, and hold the feet. Shoes can make life easier in various ways, from the protection of close toed variants to the comfort of open toed slides and sandals and even the fashion statement of certain designer brands. Walking on bare feet is what humans were made to do, but it can be uncomfortable and painful over time. However, we all have the ability to simply throw on a pair of sneakers and walk for hours, on even the roughest terrains. Closed toed shoes are the best bet for a versatile and reliable experience, completely enclosing the foot within a cradle of goodness. Some close toed shoes are low tops; these shoes get the job done while maintaining a solid level of breathability and lightness. Other close toed shoes can stretch up the ankle and even intrude on the leg; These bulky beasts are called boots. Shoes are truly a product in the sense that they can be produced as cheaply or as high quality as the consumer wishes, and the price tag will certainly reflect this. I have purchased shoes for less than $10 which have served great purpose, all the way up to shoes that have costed hundreds of dollars (and been equally as useful). The simple yet versatile nature of the shoe makes it an absolute staple for mankind, as much as a shirt or a pair of pants would be.

In summary, the shoe can and should be recommended to all who wish to tread safely and live life with quality feet. Whether it’s a slip-on pair of slides, a hunky pair of boots or a quick lace up pair of sneakers, shoes are an absolute mainstay for all consumers.