Tim Hortons: the coffee, the muffins, the legend

Are we missing out? Spoiler alert: we are.

This is the superior spot for coffee and more.

This is the superior spot for coffee and more.

Claire Maloney, Staff Writer

Being a Canadian raised youth, I can vouch for the excellence that is Tim Hortons, the coffee chain not the player. Unfortunately, I have no connections to the almighty one that not only played in the NHL, but brought us Canadians our beloved coffee chain. On May 17 of 1964 the heavens shined down on the city of Hamilton, Canada when Tim Horton and Ron Joyce brought us the magnificence that is Tim Hortons. I spent the middle 12 years of my life living it up in the suburbs of Toronto. Luckily for me, Tim Hortons was never more than a 10-minute bike ride away. If you were to go to the heart of Toronto, you couldn’t walk down Yonge and Bloor without passing at least 15 locations. You may be thinking “Is Tim Hortons really that good?” Think of it this way: Dunkin’ Donuts but not Dunkin’ Donuts because Dunkin’ Donuts does not deserve the honor of being compared to Tim’s. Tim Hortons has the variety that every coffee chain dreams of. Do you want breakfast? Tim Hortons. Do you want lunch? Tim Hortons. Do you want coffee? Tim Hortons. They offer a wide selection from donuts to frozen drinks to chili and everything in between. After spending a year and a half in Florida I can confirm, we are missing out big time on not having a single Tim Hortons location.


Though Tim Hortons has fantastic coffee that’s worth dying for, they have their own brand of donut holes, which they call Tim bits, that are simply to die for. Tim bits are so good and so popular no matter what the brand is I’ve been calling donut holes Timbits for the last 13 years of my life, they are forever Tim bits in my heart. Sure Dunkin’ may have Munchkins, but are they as flavorful as Timbits? No, they’re dry, old, deep fried cotton balls. The luxury I had in Canada of Tim Hortons was truly overlooked by my young naïve self. Only on rare occasion do I pamper myself with the variety and perfection of Timbits. If needed I would sell my soul to the devil for another box. No matter what you’re in the mood for Tim Hortons will deliver with just about every flavor you can think of and every latte, cappuccino, Frappuccino, Yabba Dabba do there is. Long story short, Dunkin’ Donuts could never, would never, and will never meet the standards set by Tim Hortons. America may run on Dunkin’ but Canada sprints on Tim’s.

Timbits put Munchkins to shame.