Coping with addiction


The eternal bond of love prevails yet again.

Patrick Roghaar, Copy Editor

I have a particular product I am very fond of. I have been spending these past few weeks steadily developing and increasing my need for the product. I can’t stop thinking about it. I feel as though my life isn’t complete without one in my hands. I feel most confident with one in my mouth. Heck, I am happiest just being around it. I can’t go through my senior lifestyle without bringing a couple to nights out with the boys. All day every day, I dream about the Cheesy Gordita Crunch.

Addiction is defined as a physical and psychological inability to stop consuming something, regardless of the physical and psychological effects it may leave behind. Addiction seems to have a negative connotation towards it. (In perspective of my situation, my mind and body are feeling pretty good right about now, if I do say so myself.) To give some context, in simplest terms, I am shoveling Gorditas down my gullet like it’s the last day on Earth. There’s no stopping this train. We all have cravings. I have just casually turned mine into something far greater. I have hallucinations of the double decker taco goodness that is the Cheesy Gordita Crunch, lying so perfectly upright in front of me, waiting to be massacred. My hallucination concludes, I see nothing resembling a Gordita in front of me, and I go Taco Mode on everything.

I’m sure I will get over this soon. I typically have healthy eating habits. I am also sure that factors of my life will cue me in that I have a problem. Whether I have to forcefully run out of gas to prevent me from driving to Taco Bell, place a taco patch on my arm, chew gum, or just go frio pavo, I am sure this will be over soon. This has been the uncut story of my addiction and how I am not doing a darn thing to stop the Gordita from bulldozing into my life. I hope this story can give you the strength to unravel your own addictive story for the world to have your back on. Thank you for your time.