VSCO girl: terrorizing the ELHS campus


If you flaunt several of these items, you are in danger of being a VSCO girl.

Sean Cunningham, Features Editor

Another year, another installment of Meme Review! As we look forward to this wonderful schoolyear to come, we memers already have our sights set on a developing meme: the new trend of VSCO Girls.

VSCO is an online application in which people can post photos onto a wall, encouraging a somewhat aesthetic vibe. It has been growing in popularity over the past few years, and over this summer it finally reached an iconic status of hype. However, with all trendy fads come the inevitable mass of cringey followers-we know them as VSCO girls. VSCO girls come in two distinct flavors-one appetizing, the other repulsive. On the one hand, we have the VSCO girl who fits all the stereotypes but doesn’t fit the character. These girls just so happen to carry around hydro flasks and wear scrunchies, but they are not affected by the massive hype surrounding their image and aren’t trying to impress anybody. On the other hand, we have the much more intolerable VSCO GIRLS. These girls can’t seem to go a minute without pointing out their trendy sense of aesthetic fashion, with hydro flasks running wild and scrunchies flying through the sky. They have an awful tendency to laugh with a painful “tsksksksk” after each mentioning of their dreaded catchphrase, “and I oop.”

Although these girls are quite the nuisance, the memes generated despite their extra behavior have been nothing short of incredible. It appears the American youth has collectively banded against the demon spawn that is VSCO girls, and the antagonistic jokes have been seemingly endless. I give this meme +300 points for the good deed it has done in eliminating non-ironic VSCO girls, another +200 points for the unique nature of it and how it was birthed completely on its own, and a solid +300 meme points for entertainment value. Rounding out at a clean 800 meme points, the VSCO girls have been slayed by one heck of an August-generated meme.