You’re really going to wear that?

What's in, What’s out, and What's questionable... Photo provided by

Kinou Louis-Charles, Editorials Editor

Going to a public school where uniforms are not required allows you to explore your sense of style. Through the school halls you see many fashion choices that you may like, or you may question, and I know I have seen a style or two that I thought may have been a little off. Here are some styles that I feel needed a little rethinking, but just because I don’t enjoy some clothing ideas doesn’t mean you need to feel the same; we are all our own people with our own ways of expressing ourselves. Now, on with the article!

My first victim will be the trending style of socks and Birkenstock sandals. It is strange seeing a style that used to be so taboo be so popular with a plethora of students. I understand it is meant to look laid back and comfy, but it makes me think people with this choice of footwear came dressed for the Last Supper. Though, if someone is going to wear socks and sandals, why not pair the sandals with the wackiest socks in your drawers? If socks and sandals are your choice of style, own it but don’t expect me to unless I lost a bet.

Moving up from footwear, let’s talk about the interesting choice of ripped shirts. Ripped jeans I understand; I even wear ripped jeans from time to time, but a ripped shirt looks like you just got in a fight with Edward Scissorhands. I feel this style is the evolution of the 80s punk look, but it didn’t age very well. On the other hand, this look does succeed in the message it’s trying to send because each time I see someone with this style I imagine they listen to Bad Reputation by Joan Jett on repeat.

Let’s talk about the comeback of scrunchies. A hair accessory that was very popular in the 80s has now come back as wrist wear for teenage girls and boys. I actually think scrunchies are very cute especially the colorful velvet scrunchies that bring a bit of brightness to your outfit, but shouldn’t you wear them in your hair? I guess it is considered trendy to have a scrunchy around your wrist, but I draw the line when my bracelets block my paper on my desk when I write.

I’m no Donatella Versace, so who says you have to listen to what I write? You could go to school in a ripped t-shirt with socks and sandals and a rainbow of scrunchies and I couldn’t do a thing about it. What you wear is your business as long as it’s influenced by your interest and not others. The real fashion choices worth questioning are the ones people don’t choose for themselves.