The best memories have been made by the sea.

Maria Sanchez-Cabezudo, Staff Writer

What does ocean mean to you? What do you hear when you think about the ocean? What do you feel?

Whenever I think about the ocean, I can smell the pure oxygen, I can smell the whole bunch of life that we still have not discovered, I can hear the intensity of the waves knocking my skin.

I can hear the life below our feet; I can feel the peace and the good vibe.

I feel happy; I feel that in the ocean is where my place is, whenever I’m swimming not having directions the feeling of being where you’re supposed to is incredible.

Most of my happiest memories are placed by the sea.

Thousands of nights with friends watching the sunset, while listening to good songs and eating good food by the sea, watching the sun go down while laughing so hard that tears would come out from our eyes. Coming home from a party with friends, while the sun is rising and finish by running with our clothes into the clear blue water.

Escaping every weekend from reality and driving the boat to lost paradise places, and little by little discovering more about myself in the company of the sound of waves and trees shaking.

Sun passing through our skin, as if it came to stay, leaving us a tone  darker than we were.

As good moments, also bad ones have to be mentioned.

Whenever I’m stressed or unhappy ,running into the sea with only the plan of swimming far away from reality makes it all feel better.

Using salty water as medicine for our scars and also for our soul.

Tons of Spotify playlists describing our happiness and peace by the sea.

One of the biggest decisions of my life till now, about where spending the year in America, in places I don’t know, with people I have never met led by the idea of being incapable of living without the sea.

My first kiss and first heartbreak accompanied by the dance of the waves.

All our moments together starting with hours of sleeping hugged in the sand.

My last question is for you;

Do you know how lucky you are by living near our second world?

The ocean.