Xbox one vs. PS4 who is superior?

The battle of the consoles remains.

The battle of the consoles remains.

Jacob Damboise, Staff Writer

The existential question for today would be which console is greater, the notorious PS4 or the infamous Xbox One? Many people have wondered for years, who is untouchable, the best of the best!? I am the unbiased reporter gathering information for this article. I have no personal problems because I own both and believe that the Switch is superior.

Now onto answering this request the most common response was exactly what I thought it would be. I would interrogate a person and ask what console they on and whatever they plan on usually is their favorite console and yet owners of both consoles usually told me that the experience on a PS4 is usually a lot better than Xbox One. Furthermore, the slim design, interface and quality of experience online and in game on the Ps4 compared to Xbox One’s graphics as well as the controllers the slim design of the controller allows for an ergonomic well fitted design that I can grasp onto and feel comfortable while playing its lightweight and has a wonderful vibration game feedback experience. The contrast between the two devices being the controller for Microsoft Xbox One is heavier, and the quality of the rumble feedback is worse than PS4 the Xbox and PS4 exclusive games due to the differences in consoles also makes a big difference when buying and playing consoles.

In conclusion the purchasing process is really whether or not you like the interface or not and the playing experience, both have extremely similar play styles different controllers and layouts as well as games and products, yet each has their own specialties which make them unique, and why people keep purchasing them. Time will only tell with the next stations dropping in the near future and then we can see who the winner of this console race war.