Fall food disappointment: the Pumpkin Pie Spice Smashmallow

The actual product does not resemble the attractive one on the packaging.

The actual product does not resemble the attractive one on the packaging.

Alex Plaskon, News Editor

Fall is officially upon us. With the fall season comes sweaters, scented candles, and my personal favorite: Fall foods. As a fall food fanatic, I revel in the thought of eating anything remotely pumpkin flavored. This love has found me many wonderful fall creations, including Culver’s Salted Caramel Pumpkin Concrete Mixer and Starbucks’ Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino. This love of fall foods hadn’t failed me until one fateful evening at Target.

As I meandered through the aisles of Target, a brilliant though hit me-why not try some fall flavored candy! So off I went, my focus unwavering as I shopped through the candy section, trying to find my next pumpkin spiced dream. Minutes of careful deliberation later, I thought I found my new favorite seasonal treat: The Pumpkin Pie Smashmallow, a type of marshmallow candy meant for those who wanted candy, but also something low in calories. Being that I recognized the brand, and that I love both marshmallows and pumpkin pie, I thought “what could possibly go wrong”.

Everything that could go wrong with this treat, did.

According to Smashmallow, this snack is supposed to be “no ordinary marshmallow” due to its “Non-GMO ingredients”. When I opened up the package, I was supposed to smell a “zing of pumpkin spice wafting through the air”. Unfortunately, the Smashmallow did not lead up to the wondrous promises made on its fall themed packaging. When I opened up the bag, I could smell what I can only describe as a mix of nutmeg and a home improvement store. Inside were slightly shriveled-up Smashmallows, dusted with loads of cornstarch that came off on your fingers. Not only that, but the perfect pumpkin orange and white image of the treat on the package looked nothing like the pasty white cubes on the inside. Worst of all was the taste. It didn’t even resemble pumpkin pie. It could be described as if you licked a pumpkin spiced Yankee Candle, and then sprinkled nutmeg on top. It was by no means a sweet seasonal treat.

Although my critique seems harsh, I’m not the only one who feels saddened and disgusted by this terrible treat. Mery Sanchez (11) takes a nibble before deciding it belongs in the trash instead of on her taste buds. As Mrs. Tara Barbieri, English teacher and newspaper director, takes a bite of this “treat” her face turns from genuine intrigue to utter disgust. Even Logan Hill (12), a marshmallow and pumpkin pie lover, won’t go back for a bite. Only one student, Garret Davis (12) ,seemed okay with it, but he equates it to a pumpkin spiced latte flavor instead of pumpkin pie.

In the end, I feel saddened by the Pumpkin Pie Smashmallow; the fall food fanatic in me has died a little. If anything, this experience has taught me that just because it tastes like pumpkin, doesn’t mean it’s worth eating. If you do decide to try this “treat”, be warned: you will be disappointed.