Government Surveillance Pigeons

Do you like pigeons? I hope not because you heart is about to be broken.


atop sits the pigeon, watching our every move, it’s ok doubt me now

Brock Maloy, Ad Manager

Birds have supposedly walked this Earth along with the dinosaurs.  They are the supreme animal and can adapt to any situation.  They soar in the sky menacingly and wait for creatures to die, even you.  You may think you have an eye on everything around you but really the bird has an eye on you.  One of the more disturbing instances of government violation of privacy I am about to bring to you is the pigeon.

Pigeons seem to be the most common household name for any animal species around.  We are taught about them in school, they have even taken over Hollywood, it’s not hard to see multiple scenes in big movies like Groundhog Day or Elf where pigeons are being fed.  These are examples of subtle government brainwashing.  What they have been attempting to do (albeit successful) is establish a memorable bird in our brains so we think they are innocent peaceful birds and there is definitely no mal intent.  Seemingly time after time the government has exemplified that we shouldn’t trust the government, yet we fail and we give trust.  What we really have on our hands is the government engineering specifically pigeons to have cameras implanted in them to spy on us.

Pigeons meander around and sit on telephone wires like it’s what they were born to do.  It’s interesting that all of a sudden they have adapted to resting on the poles right when they were built.  It’s a convenient spot to post up as a camera, too. I have hypothesized for years that pigeons are really just government cameras watching all our moves.  Has anyone ever seen a baby pigeon? Think about it. You may say “of course I have,” but when you really think about it, you only see fully grown adult pigeons.  It’s a travesty what is happening to our citizens as the “pigeons” stalk us from their respective peak.