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Perfection itself lays its eyes upon you.

Perfection itself lays its eyes upon you.

Patrick Roghaar, Copy Editor

I recently went on an excursion with my comrade Sean Cunningham to review the chicken sandwiches of the town. The eateries consisted of Chick-fil-A, PDQ, KFC, and Popeye’s, and each one had its own unique spin on the barn bird and the buns enclosing it. One chicken sandwich, however, has left me appalled. Within moments of eating I wanted another one. After the first bite, I was in love. I was in love with the chicken sandwich created by none other than People Dedicated to Quality, PDQ. Here is the aftermath of my encounter with this perfection that was once in my hands.

The day after the challenge, I began having dreams. Dreams of a better world. Not much had changed from this contemporary society, except the presence of the PDQ chicken sandwich at everyone’s beck and call. Everyone had a smile on their faces. When I awoke from my euphoric slumber, I was sad. I was sad that my hand wasn’t grasping a PDQ chicken sandwich. I didn’t know how to be myself after I had one. It became a necessity.

I got talked to many times in school by my teachers for daydreaming and letting my mind wander. I told them “PDQ chicken sandwich,” and they understood and let me carry on. It then became apparent to me that this sandwich was growing in popularity. Yet, it wasn’t. The PDQ menu is composed of all variations of their quality chicken items, and the chicken sandwich just happens to be one of them. This is why they haven’t pulled a “Popeyes” and had to discontinue their items for being very delicious. The PDQ sandwich sweeps under the radar of blowing up, yet somehow is indeed very popular. It’s mind boggling to think about. My mind has been boggled. Anyways, I don’t know what they do to their chicken back in that kitchen of theirs, but let me tell you they are doing it right.