Vaping Kills?

Brock Maloy, Ad Manager

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It’s in the news, it’s in schools, and the government loves to intervene in it; what is it? Vaping has taken the nation by storm over the last year or so.  What was originally once intended as a mechanism to quit smoking by weening off with e-cigs and reducing the levels of nicotine has been adapted by most people as a “safer” alternative to smoking.  A so-called epidemic of vaping has started within teens around America and has captured the attention of the media and the government.  Flavored e-cigs have caused an exponential increase in vaping with the government looking to combat the epidemic here.  The government has made attempts to ban vapes but at what cost?  And could this be an over reaction to the problem? What if a sinister truth lies behind the outrage?

A mysterious illness has been recently linked to vaping according for the center of disease control.  The CDC reported on 1,299 patients who ranged from 13 to 75 years of age. Studies revealed that some patients had signs of damage from mustard gas like in World War I.  Mostly importantly, just 13% of those patients reported that they only used nicotine while 71% of those surveyed said that they use THC vapes.  This could draw arrows to poorly made bootleg THC cartridges harming people, not necessarily nicotine vapes being the x-factor.  In fact, in patients who died due to this mysterious illness, 80% were in states where recreational marijuana is illegal and THC cartridges are felony charges. Commonly found in bootleg THC cartridges is vitamin E.  While Vitamin E is usually good for you, when burned and exposed to air it becomes toxic.

The government has found its way to sink their claws into the vaping debate.  Instead of waiting for anything conclusive, the San Francisco government decided to ban vaping, leaving a bunch of nicotine addicts to look towards cigarettes as their nicotine fix, which will be a complete circle.  President Trump even said he plans on stepping into the vaping problem.  With all this attention and vapes actually becoming illegal in some places, they must be significantly more dangerous then tobacco cigarettes, right?  Well let’s analyze some data.  Within 21 states in America, 26 deaths have been reported from a disease that is believed to be linked to vaping.  Man, that’s some huge numbers that must make deaths from tobacco look like nothing?  Studies reveal that up to 480,000 people die each year from cigarettes, and of those, 41,000 die from exposure from others smoking around them. Another stat to remember is that alcohol kills 88,000 a year. The legal age to drink is 21 and the legal age to smoke cigarettes is 18.   With these massive numbers of casualties alone from cigarettes, why is the only thing that does counter the use being banned but not cigarettes themselves? If the statistics on the dangers of cigarettes compared to vapes are clear, why are we told that vapes must be banned while referring to it as a “epidemic”?

Money… the reason to all of corruption in the world.  Now vaping ads are littered constantly on your favorite television shows.  In 1998 as a part of a $206 billion settlement, big tobacco companies like Phillip Morris, along with paying reparations, were obligated to air ads detailing the dangers of smoking tobacco.  In reality, all of these anti vaping ads are just free publicity.  Tobacco executives are laughing in their office as the much safer alternative that offers no tar is being wiped out of stores while tobacco is being left at peace.

If you are not already addicted to tobacco, do not start vaping. It has been a new wave across all high schools in America. The thought is that you are just putting water vapor in your lungs, but it’s really aerosol.  It’s a misconception linked to just the word “vaping.” Vaping is a great way to quit smoking if you are a chronic smoker.  You can ease off nicotine levels and eventually not need it anymore.  Sure, it is not totally harmless, as putting anything besides oxygen into your lungs will never be healthy.  However, we are making steps to eliminating cigarettes in the market place with electronic vaping but the government is attempting to seemingly put us back on cigarettes.  If you are a kid at school and think vaping is your way into the inner circles of East Lake, you are wrong.  We at the Talon do not condone, encourage, or endorse vaping at school or outside of it. If you feel that you are addicted, quit and find help if needed.