He's no good at saying goodbye to toast.

Calena Lopez, Staff Writer

She’s beauty, she’s the dream, she’s the American queen. Toast. I’m talking about toast. Yes, that lovely slice of carbs in a plastic wrap that is toasted to golden perfection. If you don’t think toast Is the greatest gift given to us by the gods, then I don’t even want to be friends with you, let alone communicate with you. Let’s be honest, toast goes with pretty much everything. Got some eggs? Why not add some toast? Have some avocados around? Slap them babies on some toast! Although it has not been specifically pinpointed as to where toast originated from, most people are glad this slice of deliciousness found its way into existence.

Toast is a wonderful food and has many useless but fun facts about it. But don’t get French toast and regular toast confused; the process of toasting is closely exposing a slice of bread to a source of strong, radiant heat for a very short amount of time. While French toast is unbelievably delicious, it is not actually considered toast since the eggy coating is technically the only thing being toasted and not the actual bread. Overall it is typically cooked in a pan being fried, not toasted. Toast is so important it holds a special spot in our brain! While operating on epilepsy patients, Canadian neurosurgeon Dr. Wilder Penfield discovered the “toast centre” area of the human brain, which is entirely dedicated to detecting when toast is burning. This holy piece of golden bread is so important that it was sometimes used as an offering to the gods in Ancient Greece.

To sum it all up, toast is important. It goes with everything and taste good even on its own. Its been used as gifts for ancient gods and even has a special place embedded in our brains. This simplistic but amazing slice of heated bread is amazing and should always be consumed. Stop messing around. Eat toast. Obtain the grain.