The best McGriddle

So many McGriddles to choose from; here is the McGriddle for you.

TheReportOfTheWeek chowing down on his favorite McGriddle.

TheReportOfTheWeek chowing down on his favorite McGriddle.

Brock Maloy, Ads Manager

First off, I will begin by thanking everybody that got me through my Gordita addiction.  It was a long process, but I am happy to announce that this is my 5-week anniversary of abstaining from the Gordita. Now enough talk about that; we need to talk about a relatively new food item to the McDonald’s menu. It lurks in the shadows, as to not be noticed or ordered, it’s the Chicken McGriddle. Subtly added to the menu back in July in Florida stores only with a rollout nationwide planned for March, I have recently been exposed to the brunch sandwich.  If you are a fan of the McChicken, you know the joy the sandwich brings. It’s a lovely alternative to the generic cheeseburger.

What’s so innovative about the Chicken Mcgriddle can be found in a quick inspection of the buns.  What, you think it’s normal bread? Wrong–it’s two mini pancakes filled with syrup. According TheReportOfTheWeek (a popular food reviewer) the hidden infusions of the maple syrup in the bun “makes it a little fun.”  I couldn’t agree more; you get many different taste combos some sweet and some hinting at sweetness. Another bonus is that the McGriddle seems to always hotter than other items you can order, they must be fresher.  It is exactly what you need around lunch time to keep you on your feet and moving.

Whether you are a parent, or child and need a kick before school or work you have found the perfect meal. Get one for you kid on the way to school or even surprise him or her with their favorite McGriddle. Weighing in at 390 calories, 15 grams of fat, but with a forgiving 14grams of protein it’s the perfect breakfast or lunch item just about 3 times a week.