My Red Bull Addiction

Calena Lopez, Staff Writer

It’s sad to say but I have an addiction. To drugs? No, of course not. To Red Bull? Yes. Ever since I got a taste of this beverage due to my lack of sleep, I’ve been addicted from that point forward. This drink is the love of my life. What’s constantly on my mind? When I can get my next sip of Red Bull. I don’t think of anything else, it’s the only thing my one brain cell can process, and plus I don’t need other thoughts, as they disappoint me.

It’s always Red Bull. I don’t drink any other energy drink. Kickstart? Disgusting. Monster? Don’t talk to me. Rockstar? Don’t even look at me. Bang? Don’t even breathe near me. If it doesn’t give me wings, I don’t want it. I’m aware of the risks that come with consuming Red Bull, but I don’t care. I’m here for a good time not a long time, and I live by that. There was this one time where I had to chug a whole can of Red Bull within one minute and let me tell you, I could see in 3D. I will never ever feel the same rush ever again that I experienced when chugging that can of caffeine, sugary, delightfulness.

Red Bull also helps me through my gaming nights. Want to stay up all night and play video games with your friends? Just drink some Red Bull. Need to stay up all night and do homework you procrastinated on all week and finally decided to do it at the last minute when it is currently 2:47 AM? Drink a can of Red Bull. No matter what, Red Bull will never leave you like how your friends did or how your ex did. Red Bull will always be there for you, remember that.