Why is school so stressful before winter break?


Exam week starts 12-17-19, just before winter break.

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

Exams, tests in all classes, work that is supposed to get us “prepared.” It all piles up when it comes to December. Kids around Florida (as well as throughout the united states) are stressing as they pile on the work before some of the biggest tests of the year. Which begs the question, why?


Some may say they do it to torture us, others may have the logical reason of “middle of the year exams.” And sure, the exams make sense. But the four tests, three essays, six packets, and two books to read and analyze do nothing but harm. Sophomore Hilda Reyes says, ” Teachers have never given as much work as they do before the exam week.” Teachers have been teaching all year, and they choose now to pile up the most work!? It doesn’t add up.


If teachers have taken all year preparing us, why do they feel the need to suddenly and aggressively test our abilities and challenge our grades? It’s hard enough studying for all of the exams as well as balancing all the other “fluff” work we have been given. “It’s an unfair system,” says sophomore Alex Lewis. We should be able to just focus on one thing per class at once, because all of it piles up and creates mountains of stress around students.


Testing is critical to a school’s function; everyone knows and understands that. But teachers piling work like crazy in hopes to help force the student into studying isn’t as critical. As, little do they know, it does more harm than help. And student stress levels are gradually getting higher and higher every year. There should be a change.