5 reasons to not work not during high school

Working in high school may sound appealing, but it’s not


Oh, the things a job will do to you if you're a high school student. photo provided by pintrest.com

Tiaran Vokes, Staff Writer

1. You should be having fun instead

Being in high school is all about the experiences we go through. It’s about discovering who we are and what we want to do in our future. But most importantly, it’s all about having fun. High school is one of the last steps before you become an adult and have to start dealing with taxes and buying groceries for your family. So, why waste it on dealing with kids, customers, or your annoying boss?

2. Adds extra stress on top of your stress load

Going to work and dealing with whatever you do isn’t over when you leave. Because you spent three plus hours at your after-school job, you miss out on your homework time, which causes stress because now you feel rushed to get your homework out of your way. Work can also cause stress because of the bad experiences you deal with every day, which makes you start to hate your life and wish you never had to return to work again.

3. Very time consuming- it takes a toll on social life and student life

Working can take so much time out of your day that you never would have noticed till you started working. After working a three hour plus day, you may feel like you should start to do your homework or maybe you want to hang out with friends but as soon as you get home you’re all worn out, and you don’t feel like doing anything. But it doesn’t stop there, because when you finally have a break from school you are now working shifts that are 6 plus hours long and go throughout the whole day. While you were on that work grind, all your other friends were out at the beach partying and making memories. Now how does that feel?

4. Makes you tired and lazy

I cannot stress this enough. You may think a 3 hour and 20-minute shift right after school sounds alright, but when you think about it, it feels like a 12-hour day. You wake up at 6 am to go to school and after spending 6- hours and 30-minutes dealing with your teachers and fellow students, the next you have to do is go to work. By the time you get home, your body aches and all you want to do is cuddle up on your bed and read your favorite book.

5. Work Experiences

High schoolers can get jobs anywhere, and they will all have experiences they have dealt with which have shaped them to who they are. Whether it’s dealing with annoying costumers or being yelled at by your boss, everyone who works will live through multiple bad days. Personally, for me, the bad experiences I have revolve around kids since I work for an after-school care. Since I started work last February, I have been slapped, choked, kicked, spit at, yelled at, and punched by many kids. Yeah it doesn’t hurt a lot but after receiving multiple beatings by these entitled kids, it gets annoying.

Well, there you have it, five reasons why you shouldn’t work during school. I know that not every high schooler has the choice, whether it’s because they need to help support their family or want to save up for a fancy getaway, but working will take a toll on you. For me, the only reason why I’ve lasted so long is because of the paycheck. I like to spend money and will admit that I might have a shopping addiction. But the paychecks won’t be enough to keep me there past March.