The Biggie Cheese


Sonic's Biggie Cheese is a heavenly creation.

Brock Maloy, Ads Manager

When I was younger a Sonic Drive-In was located just minutes away from my house in Oldsmar. At the time, like so many others, I took for granted the quality and vast menu of Sonic. However, years later, I was saddened by the closing of the local Sonic. I knew I made a mistake, a valuable life lesson in my young life. Sonic seems to have expertise in everything from burritos to cheeseburgers. Now recently an ad campaign has caught my eye over Instagram. Just about every time I log on to Instagram, I get an ad from Sonic for their Biggie Cheese.
Now it took me forever to finally getting around to trying on of these beasts. The Sonic Biggie Cheese is a subspecies of the Big Mac, packed with quadruple the diabetes and heart disease. I was not even able to finish the colossal sandwich. The Biggie Cheese is three buns, three slices of cheese, and two freshly grilled patties. Drizzled with mayo, ketchup, and bbq sauce, it’s one of the most ambitious crossovers of the new decade.   Weighing in at 1000 calories and 54 grams of protein, however, just two of these a day will fulfill your recommenced calorie intake.
When asked about what the fast food masterpiece entailed, Sonic’s vice president of product innovation and development said, “With a whopping three slices of melty cheese and two juicy beef patties, we not only made our classically  delicious cheeseburger bigger, we also loaded it up with all the fixings to create a unique Sonic masterpiece.”  I could not agree more, it makes the Big Mac seem like a knock off Biggie Cheese, and that’s a big accomplishment. After trying the sandwich, I have decided to give it an eight out of ten due to the quality not being up to standard and the taste not being totally mind blowing.